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By minimizing exposure to biological agents, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) protects workers' health. The most common items in the PPE kit are goggles, face mask, gloves, coveralls, head cover, and shoe covers.  
Delivery Bag
Restaurants must deliver hot items straight to customers from the kitchen. Deliveries can be easily fulfilled with the help of our range of delivery bags for businesses. Food is kept warm and fresh in the bags made of thermal insulation.
Surgical Mask
To help you breathe clean air, 3-ply masks are made of 3 layers of nonwoven fabric. Everyone can use surgical masks because they are highly affordable. When you use a mask, almost 95% of the pollutants are eliminated from the air you breathe.
Pulse Oximeter
Blood oxygen saturation is measured using pulse oximeter. People can use this user-friendly device to measure the level of oxygen in the body. It can be placed on finger or ear lobe. 
Luggage Bag
Travelers need luggage bags for packing their clothes, accessories, toiletries, jewellery and all the important stuff they would need while they travel. The wheeled bag with a handle is light to push. 
Promotional Pen
Promotional pen is a physical marketing product that companies can present to their staff and clients. Companies can also distribute the pens to people in events, like tradeshows and meetings, to advertise and grow their brands.
Paper Bag
The brown paper bag with twisted paper handle is re-usable, recyclable and biodegradable. This shopping bag can be used by retailers to pack items, like clothes, jewellery, fruits, toiletries, books, etc. 
School Bag
Buy from us school bags in different designs and sizes to suit the requirements of students of all groups. Every student needs a bag to pack books, notebooks, and stationery items. 
Laptop Bag
This black leather laptop bag is used by all career driven professionals who cannot work without their laptop. This bag can be used to keep laptop, charger, notepads, pen, phone charger, pen drive, business card, etc. 
Jute Bag
The floral printed jute bag is better than a plastic or paper bag in terms of strength, cost, durability, and long lasting. Made from natural fibre, this bag is eco-friendly and ideal for carrying groceries, lunch, books, etc.